Lessons in Sleight of Hand book


Lessons in Sleight of Hand book


Where I got my start and a great start for anyone interested in learning Sleight of Hand.

A new and simple learn-by-picture method that makes it easy for anyone aged twelve and up to perform all the classic sleights just as they are done by the world's greatest professional magicians.

 you'll learn everything from simple sleights you can master in minutes to the great classics of magic. With ordinary objects -- a regular deck of cards, a coin from someone's pocket, a few balls of crumpled aluminum foil -- you'll soon be doing ...
Card Fanning
Springing the Cards from Hand-to-Hand
The Lit-Cigarette Trick
The Three-Shell Game
The Cups and Balls
Three-Card Monte
The Cut and Restored Rope
The Miser's Dream
plus ...
Unbelievable Card Tricks
Coin and Cigarette Vanishes
and dozens and dozens of the world's greatest sleight-of-hand effects!

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