Elegant Wedding Magic

Make your Very Special Event a stand out one for all your family and friends with award winning magic.

Wedding Magic family shot.jpeg


This package features award winning hospitality magic. During your cocktail hour while guests are arriving and mingling, the performer will stroll amongst your guests and perform close up magic where objects float, appear, disappear, and behave in incredible ways. Exciting them for what is sure to be the wedding of the season.



In addition to the cocktail hour, the performer will appear table side before and in between dinner courses to provide entertainment and most importantly get people talking with each other.

This package features unique magic souvenirs that your guests are allowed to take with them as another reminder of how awesome your wedding was.

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In addition to the benefits of the previous two packages, this level features an intimate performance at the main table that includes the Bride and Groom. They will participate in a special magic performance that creates a permanent keepsake that can be displayed in the home.

  • This is highly recommended if you are planning to include a videographer at your event.